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Something happened to video content creation.

Video creators realized they could go directly to their fans and ask them to pay for exclusive content. This solved the issue of unpredictable monthly incomes and having to entertain algorithms that dictated visibility and monetization on platforms like YouTube.

But with this upside, there was another problem.

This was (again) controlled by other subscription platforms, which are essentially marketplaces such as Patreon and OnlyFans. The downside? They govern all your customer relationships. Although you see the subscribers, you don't own them. You don't have their emails or phone numbers, so if they churn, you can never reach them again.

On top of that, these platforms slap their own branding on your content. So with all your hard work going into content creation, it's actually their brand that grows. 

We decided it was time to give video creators full ownership of their fans and branding while enabling them to offer memberships directly.

How? Prime Stream.
We let you host your own video subscription site, with your own branded domain. All your subscriber data stays with you so you can build stronger relationships with your die-hard fans.

We are pioneering the era of exclusive video content creation.

Stay tuned.

Milli Sen
Founder, Prime Stream

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